Meg Roundell Greene

Sales coaching for entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Meg

I’m a sales coach for entrepreneurs - I help them make more money - without stressing out or being pushy.

Essentially, I help you get into action and making money daily so you can grow your business.

I’m available for VIP private coaching and bespoke sales mastery sessions.

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Here's How I Can Help You:

Private sales coaching 1-1

1-1 coaching. I will teach you how to improve your organic AND paid lead strategies to deliver better leads - and how to create clients from your social media content and relationship building

Foundational sales skills

You will learn how to spot your very best leads and find more of them. Learn what to do every day to make more money.

Rapid sales booster sessions

Learn what makes conversions skyrocket, and how to get more people to get on the phone or your landing page to have a sales chat that ends in a paying customer.

Get In Touch

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